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nanoActiv® HRT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding nanoActiv® HRT.


Q: What is the order lead time for nanoActiv® HRT?

nanoActiv® HRT formulation available with 14 to 30 day notice.


Q: Can nanoActiv® HRT be mixed with other products?

Must be mixed in fresh water free of other additives unless pre-screened and approved for compatibility. This is a reservoir targeted additive and should avoid competitive reactions as long as possible.


Q: How is nanoActiv® HRT applied?

nanoActiv® HRT can be used before or after, but never mixed in, aqueous fluids composed of low to high brine concentrations or inorganic acids. Separate from these with adequate fresh water spacers. Pre-pads, slugs or pills containing nanoActiv® HRT allow more effective treatment of and oil recovery from natural and induced fracture network.

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