Enhancing Hydrocarbon Recovery

nanoActiv® solutions are high-efficiency intervention additives and methods—maximizing hydrocarbon production rates. nanoActiv® solutions go further, work faster, and are effective longer, enabling higher volume hydrocarbon recovery.

The Mechanics of Nanotechnology

nanoActiv® solutions employ inorganic nano-sized particles in a colloidal particle dispersion, harnessing their power to penetrate porous media on a nanoscopic scale. nanoActiv® particles form a Brownian-motion, diffusion-driven mechanism known as disjoining pressure1—greatly facilitating and accelerating the mobility of gas, oil, and water, or mixtures thereof.

The dispersion of brine-resistant colloidal particles, when mixed into treating fluids, form orderly hexagonal arrays which act mechanically to exert a large spreading force. This pressure lifts and enables the removal of hydrocarbons, water, polymers, biofilm, scale, paraffin, and asphaltenes from rock surfaces in oil and gas reservoirs, natural and induced fracture networks, tubular goods, production equipment, and storage facility surfaces.

Spreading Force
Diffusion-Driven Disjoining Pressure

1Wasan and Nikolov Nature, Vol. 423, 2003

Samuel Maguire Boyle

Nissan Chemical has been at the forefront of industrial nanoparticle science for more than 65 years. We are innovating new solutions for enhancing hydrocarbon recovery, and the consistent production improvements we are seeing are extraordinary.

Samuel Maguire-Boyle, PhD, Senior Scientist, Nissan Chemical America Corporation

Enhancing Hydrocarbon Recovery

nanoActiv® solutions are effective in a variety of production enhancement applications including:

  •  enhanced and improved oil recovery
  •  pills ahead of, or within, hydraulic fracturing stages
  •  as follow-up pills after acidizing
  •  as a stand-alone well remediation pill
  •  production enhancement
  •  formation damage removal and/or prevention
  •  water block removal
  •  pipeline cleaning

nanoActiv can also be formulated to enhance and enable the action of other oilfield chemistries such as surfactants, foamers, inhibitors, biocides, dispersants, friction reducers and polymers.

nanoActiv® particles

nanoActiv® particles under transmission electron microscope (TEM) at 200,000 × magnification.

nanoActiv® is made in the USA · Patent Pending